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If any description is unclear then check our glossary of terms

Corrugated Board is made up of various liners and fluting:

Paper grades for the liner - outer and inner

(K) KRAFT - Virgin Kraft paper

(T2) TEST 2 - Partly recycled liner paper

(T) TEST 3 - Fully recycled liner

(C) CHIP - Waste based liners

(BW) FULLY BLEACHED WHITE - Fully bleached Kraft liner

(WT) WHITE TOP - White coated recycled liner

(MK MOTTLED KRAFT - Mottled white Kraft

(OY) OYSTER - Mottled test liner

Common Paper Weights
GSM=grammes per sq m

115/125 GSM

140/150 GSM

185/200 GSM

300 GSM

Common Flute Grades and Weights

Fluting is generally produced using waste based fluting medium (WBF), semi-chemical fluting (SC) medium is used for enhanced properties.

Flute Medium Weights


105 GSM WBF - Most Common Flute Standard

112 SC and WBF

150 SC and WBF

175 SC and F

Wet strength adhesive can be used for certain applications

There are a number of common flute profiles or sizes

A FLUTE - 5mm - A - Good stacking and protection

B FLUTE - 3mm - B - Good puncture resistance + Most Common Grade

C FLUTE - 4mm - C - Good stacking and protection + Very Common Grade

E FLUTE - 1.5mm - E - Lightweight fine flute

F FLUTE - 1.2mm - F - Extra thin

BC FLUTE - Flute Double Wall 6mm - BC - Combination of B + C flutes

The various liners and fluting medium can be selected to produced A Board as a single wall board or double wall board.

Single Wall Board - 2 liners and single flute

Double Wall Board - 3 liners and double flutes

Triple Wall Board - 4 liners and three flutes

Common Board Grades

When choosing a board grade this may be a guide to common grades

Paper Combination:
125K/125T - B Flute - Light Standard Grade

150K/150T - B Flute - Common/Medium Grade/Postal Grade

200K/200T - B Flute - Heavier/Durable Board

300K/300T - B Flute - Very Heavy/Strong Board

To increase the cushioning or the stacking strength of the box change the 'B flute' for a 'C Flute'. For example 125K/125T - C Flute.

If you really want to beef up the packaging specification then change the single flute either 'B' or 'C' for a much stronger double wall (double fluted) board.

200K/200T/B Flute = is equal to 125K/125T Double Wall

The liners can also have special coatings, finishes or properties


Anti Static


Colour Wash

Water Resistant

Fire Resistant

Anti Abrasive

Acid Free

Clay Coated

Soft Tissue

Post Consumer/Recycled

Exposed Flute

Pre Print

Sesame Tape

Rippa Tape

Foam Lined

Or visit the paper manufacturer www.stregis.co.uk

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