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WatermansWebWorld is the website for the corrugated packaging industry. WatermansWebWorld provides buyers of packaging 24 hours a day, industry supplier connections, industry news and views and lots more. Access the fastest growing website for the corrugated packaging industry.
The global source for everything corrugated.



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National box size search for stock box's and cutters. Find the exact size you need or the nearest sizes to it

what is corrugated

Corrugated packaging is a versatile, economic, light, robust, recyclable, practical and yet dynamic form of packaging. There is much more to corrugated than just a box. Daily, it is providing global solutions and benefits for all sorts of applications in all spheres of daily life.


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WatermansWebWorld Aim is to provide a simple, but highly effective resource site that links the users of packaging with the producers or suppliers of the exact type of packaging product that you need. The site is primarily focused on corrugated packaging but it also covers many other interlated forms of packaging, general supplies and related issues, links, andnews.



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In order to ensure that you find the right supplier for the right product, we can help you get the full benefit of this site by managing your buying requests. If you wish to tender or order some packaging you can e-mail the specification to us, with all order details and requirement in full. We combine your purchasing request together with other purchasing requests and collectively tender all the jobs to the most appropriate suppliers within the site on your behalf. This gives you and other buyers the benefit of the bulk buying proposition that we daily offer to potential suppliers. The suppliers offers are then collected by us and sent to you for your consideration. WatermansWebWorld earn a commission for this service from suppliers.

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Watermans have been a respected name in the corrugated packaging industry for almost 100 years. The Waterman family for three generations, spanning almost three centuries, have been committed to serving the packaging industry in England. WatermansWebWorld is leading both the company and the industry into the 21st Century.


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