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glossary of terms

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A Flute

B Flute


Box Compression Test

C Flute

Coarse Flute

Coated Paper

Corrugated Board



Double Wall Board

Drop Test

E Flute

Edge Crush Test

F Flute



Fluting Medium

Fluting Profile

Gram Weight


Kraft Liner Stock


Mullen Burst

Multi-ply Paper


Recycled Paper


Sheet Plant

Single Face

Single Wall

Fluting of height 4-5mm also known as coarse flute

Fluting of height 2.1-3mm also known as fine flute

Capable of being decomposed by biological means

Strength test. The maximum loading before collapse

Fluting of height 3.2-4mm also known as coarse flute

An alternative name for A or C flute

Paper made with a layer of clay on top of the fibres

Formed fluting that is faced with a liner on both sides

The machine that actually makes corrugated board

Stamping out of a box shape using steel rule dies


A test for severe shock forces on a filled case

Fluting of height 1-1.8mm, also called extra fine

A corrugated board strength test of vertical crush resistance

Fluting of height 0.75mm, also called micro flute

A type of printing for standard corrugated cases

A single ridge in the fluting medium or on the corrugator roll

Paper that has been formed into the flute profile

The shape of the corrugations

Weight of paper specified as g/m2 (grams per square metre)

Good quality paper made from long, resiliant virgin fibre

KLS - corrugated waste and old box's used for recycling

The inner and outer facing of corrugated board

A measure of tearing resistance

Paper made from a number of layers of pulped fibres

The distance from one flute tip to the next

Paper which is made from extracting used paper fibre

Fluting made by semichemical process with virgin woodpulp

A corrugated box manufacturer that converts sheet board only

A board or paper with one liner and fluting only

A board comprising LINER/FLUTE/LINER
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